ANSYS Discovery Live changes everything you know regarding simulation. Results can now be achieved in real time. As fast as you can set the boundary conditions for your model, the stress, displacements or flow pattern can be reported back to you. 

Geometry changes need to be made? No problem. Geometry can be changed interactively while solving and the results are nearly instantaneous.

Note: This new technology has the following hardware requirements
ANSYS Discovery Live relies on the latest GPU technology to provide its computation and visual experience. To run the software, you will require:

  • A dedicated NVIDIA GPU card based on the Kepler, Maxwell or Pascal architecture. Most dedicated NVIDIA GPU cards produced in 2013 or later will be based on one of these architectures.

  • At least 4GB of video RAM (8GB preferred) on the GPU.

The more cores on your GPU, the faster the computation.  SImilarly, the more memory available on the GPU, the higher fidelity of the results is possible. Pascal cards are faster than previous generation cards all things being equal.

If you do not have a graphics card that meets these specifications, the software will not run. However, you can try ANSYS Discovery Live through an online cloud-based trial, which requires only an internet browser and a reasonably fast internet connection.

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Discovery Ultimate

Discovery Ultimate contains extensive structural, fluid, thermal, and electromagnetic simulation capabilities as well as direct modeling for a complete 3-D CAD modeling tool.


Discovery Standard

Discovery Standard contains structural, fluid, thermal, and modal analysis as well as advanced STL editing capabilities.


Discovery Essentials

Discovery Essentials contains direct modeling for part, assembly, and drawing creation. It includes tools for full model repair and editing, translators for most CAD packages and neutral formats, reverse engineering of faceted data, manufacturing, and sheet metal optimization.