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The ANSYS Mechanical product suite provides a rich spectrum of engineering simulation capabilities ranging from basic normal modes analysis to highly nonlinear implicit and explicit transient dynamics.

DRD would like to invite you to a no charge ANSYS 19 event to gain hands on exposure to ANSYS Mechanical structural dynamic analysis.

We will commence the training with an overview of the ANSYS 19 Mechanical suite of products in the context of structural dynamic simulation. We will clearly explain the dynamics capabilities of ANSYS DesignSpace, Mechanical Pro, Mechanical Premium, and Mechanical Enterprise. Course attendees will then proceed to solve a handful of structural dynamic problems using ANSYS. This training will provide no lectures, however, the instructor will provide a high level overview of each hands on workshop and also provide a soft copy course manual with detailed mouse picks.

Attendees should have basic proficiency with ANSYS Mechanical in order to complete the workshops. We plan to solve the problems described below, although we may vary from this plan.