ANSYS Simplorer enables engineers to accurately and quickly design complex mechanical, power electronics and electrically controlled systems. In industries such as automotive, aerospace and industrial automation, organizations use Simplorer to identify problems in the early design stages that other simulation or build-and-test methods cannot detect.

DRD’s course, ANSYS Simplorer for Mechanical Systems, provides an introduction to ANSYS Simplorer for Mechanical Engineers. The course focuses on hands on workshops, and students solve problems ranging from spring-mass-damper dynamic systems to hydraulic systems including transient effects. Workshops also include modeling of a Pong game using co-simulation with the ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body Dynamics tool as well as use of ANSYS Mechanical and ANSYS CFD Reduced Order Models in fluid systems.

Detailed Descriptions of Workshops for this Course

Course Agenda

Spring-Mass-Damper Mechanical Systems

Hydraulic Systems including Transient Effects

Co-Simulation using ANSYS Mechanical Rigid Body Dynamics

Hydraulic Systems with ANSYS Mechanical Reduced Order Models

Fluid Systems with ANSYS CFD Reduced Order Models