DRD's DesignModeler course is a series of workshops that expose the important features present in this tool. These workshops are either taken from consulting projects that DRD has conducted for clients in the past or based on client geometry to convey proper modeling techniques in real world scenarios. The course is structured to maximize the time students will spend doing hands on workshops. Through software demonstrations and brief lectures, we demonstrate primarily the product features required to complete the workshops.

The course objective is for students to gain proficiency with the DesignModeler software. Each student may have different modeling needs. Due to this variability, DRD's course is broken into 3 sections - workshops for those who model with solid elements, workshops for those who use shells, and workshops for those with no in-house CAD tool. After an initial set of exercises, students can then choose to focus on workshops applicable to their line of work.

Course Agenda

Chapter 1 - Introduction to DesignModeler

Section I – DM for Engineers with Castings and Solid Geometry
Workshop 1a - Cast Part Tutorial on Simplification
Workshop 1b - Defining Planes at the Desired Location and Orientation
Workshop 2a - Geometry Simplification of Grease Seal Assembly
Workshop 2b - Transfer of DM Coordinate Systems to Simulation
Workshop 3a - Slicing of a Bolt for Efficient Meshing
Workshop 3b - Brick Meshing of a Block with Perpendicular Through Holes
Workshop 3c - Brick Meshing of a Non-Axisymmetric Disk
Workshop 3d - Brick Meshing a PWB with Fastener Through Holes
Workshop 4 - Simplification, Parameterization and Optimization of a Valve Bonnet (Introduction to DesignXplorer is part of this workshop)
Workshop 5 - 2D Axisymmetric Model Extraction from 3D Grease Seal Assembly
Workshop 6 - Creation of a Fluid Domain for CFD

Section II – DM for Engineers with Thin, Sheetmetal Geometry
Workshop 7 - Welded Shell Assemblies Using Mid-Plane Extraction and Edge/Edge Contact
Workshop 8 - Chassis Shell Assembly Alternative Method for Creating Beam Spiders and Plug Welds
Workshop 9 - Welded Tractor Platform Assembly with Stitch Welds and Surface Extension

Section III – DM for Engineers with No CAD System
Workshop 10 - Brief Orientation of DesignModeler for Users with No CAD System
Workshop 11 - Construction of a Yoke
Workshop 12 - Beam Modeling of a Flight Simulator Platform
Workshop 13 - Creation of a Hemispherical Tank with Doubler Plates around Opening