The objective of this course is for our course attendees to develop significant expertise in the use of ANSYS Mechanical for structural nonlinear analysis over a wide range of applications.

The course includes 17 workshops in which the students use topics covered in the course to solve real-world problems. All of the workshops are based on actual problems that DRD has solved for customers on a consulting basis. Many of the workshops are designed to initially provide incorrect answers or not converge so that the students learn the skills to solve problems on their own after attending the course. Six of the workshops provide minimal instruction so that students can begin testing their skills under the supervision of an instructor during the course.

Prerequisites for this course are DRD’s Introduction to Mechanical course and practice gaining proficiency with Mechanical. DRD recommends that students who do not have these prerequisites delay attending the course until they attain them. This is a challenging course for proficient users. 

Course Agenda

Chapter 1 Introduction to Structural Nonlinear Analysis and Geometric Nonlinearities
    Workshop 1a 3D Large Deflection Analysis of a Roto-Molded Plastic Gas Tank
    Workshop 1b Snap Through Analysis of a Spherical Tank Section using Stabilization

Chapter 2 Nonlinear Contact
    Workshop 2a Nonlinear Contact Analysis of a Cell Phone Antenna Snap Fit
    Workshop 2b Nonlinear Contact Analysis of a Ring Gear and Housing Assembly with Interference

Chapter 3 Plasticity
    Workshop 3a Nonlinear Contact Analysis of a Ring Gear and Housing Assembly with
                         Interference including Plasticity
    Workshop 3b 2D Plasticity Analysis of a Threaded Connection including Nonlinear
                        Contact and Elastic-Plastic Behavior

Chapter 4 Hyperelasticity
    Workshop 4a 2D Axisymmetric Analysis of a Hyperelastic Rubber Seal with Nonlinear Contact
    Workshop 4b 2D Axisymmetric Analysis of a Hyperelastic O-ring with Nonlinear
                        Contact and Fluid Pressure Penetration
    Workshop 4c 2D Axisymmetric Analysis of a Hyperelastic O-Ring with Nonlinear Adaptive Mesh Region

Chapter 5 Bolt Pretension
    Workshop 5a Nonlinear Contact Analysis of Steel Enclosure with Bolt Pretension
    Workshop 5b Analysis of a Pump Fluid End with Bolt Pretension

Chapter 6 Gasket Modeling
    Workshop 6 Nonlinear Contact Analysis of a Control Valve including Gasket Behavior

    Workshop A Nonlinear Contact Model for Insertion and Removal of a Mechanical Connector
    Workshop B Nonlinear Contact of a Swaging Operation including Elastic-Plastic Behavior
    Workshop C Shell Model for a Battery Clip including Nonlinear Contact and Plasticity
    Workshop D Nonlinear Contact Model for Insertion and Removal of a 3D Mechanical Connector
    Workshop E Large Deflection Analysis of a Cantilever Beam using Restarts
    Workshop F Large Deflection Analysis of a Rubber Bladder filled with an Incompressible Fluid