The third and final release of the ANSYS 17.x series continues to build upon a number of key technologies.  To download ANSYS R17.2, go to the ANSYS Customer Portal or Contact Us and we can help facilitate access to the software. A few release highlights are listed below. 

  • New local mesh control options within the Workbench meshing environment
  • Match mesh improvements between adjacent faces
  • Improved solver performance and solution monitoring with CFX
  • Enhanced Workflow for Antenna Design and Large 3D Field Simulations with HFSS SBR+
  • Improved data and result transfer between ANSYS Maxwell and ANSYS Icepak
  • More capabilities added to ANSYS AIM including thermal transients and non-Newtonian fluids
  • ANSYS Chemkin-Pro adds plug-in compatibility with Gamma Technologies GT-Suite

See the ANSYS R17.2 Release notes for a complete set of new enhancements