ANSYS computational fluid dynamics (CFD) delivers solutions faster so that engineers and designers can make better decisions sooner in the design cycle. Innovations across the entire workflow — including modeling, meshing, user environment design, high performance computing and post processing — combine to radically accelerate the time to results without compromising accuracy.

More companies trust ANSYS to provide CFD solutions that enable every engineer to make better, faster decisions across the widest range of applications. They can solve even the most difficult problems to mitigate risk, reduce costs and increase revenue. Now ANSYS 17.0 makes it easier than ever for every engineer to create well­validated results using ANSYS Fluent.

Easier and More Productive

Improvements to workflow and meshing allow novice users to quickly become productive while providing new tools and options that greatly expand opportunities for experienced users to excel. Fluent’s user experience has been enhanced with workflow that is easily learned by new or infrequent users, while remaining efficient, powerful and familiar to experienced users. New ribbon­style tool bars and other improvements make navigation more intuitive, faster, reducing the number of mouse clicks.

In Meshing mode, new faceting controls allow you to adjust the fidelity of your CAD models. Interactive primitive construction tools speed modeling.

Conjugate Heat Transfer simulations such as automotive under­hood thermal management are often complex and time consuming. Fluent 17.0 can solve these cases reliably with extensions to improve robustness when using interfaces where the mesh is not conformal. This simplifies the meshing process for complex geometries and ensures robust solutions even when the interface mesh is very poor, enabling more rapid prototyping and design optimization.

Faster to Solve

ANSYS Fluent continues to smash prior simulation world records by scaling to 129,000 compute cores running at 90 percent efficiency. As a result, even the largest simulation models deliver fast, timely results. Now Fluent provides high quality solutions and faster throughput even when only lower quality meshes are available.

Certain moving and deforming mesh cases in Fluent see a dramatic speed boost, including cases with additional physics present. For example, crankcase lubrication is 85 percent faster and in­cylinder combustion is 55 percent faster.

Better Results

Fluent continues to push the envelope with many new models and capabilities to refine and improve simulation results across the widest range of applications. Significant advancements include reacting flows, Stress­BSL Turbulence Model, and Aero­Vibro-Acoustics. Warped­Face Gradient Correction has improved convergence and results for cases with warped faces. The Adjoint Design Tool now optimizes a wider range of geometries with support constraint checking.

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