ANSYS AIM 17.0 fully integrates geometry modeling and preparation with the evaluation of design alternatives to further enhance its ability to solve the challenges faced by design engineers. AIM 17.0 also  provides realistic materials rendering to give you the insight you need from your simulations to have full confidence in your designs. 

ANSYS AIM was introduced in 2015 to bring simulation to every engineer in a single, easy-to-use environment. The latest release, AIM 17.0, enhances the software’s integrated functionality to inspire confidence in product designs. More specifically, it includes 

  • Integrated geometry modeling and preparation: Creating a geometric model is the essential first step of simulation-driven product development. You can create geometry from scratch, import geometry from CAD, and/or clean up, repair and simplify available geometry for simulation. These processes require an integrated environment for geometric modeling, which is closely linked to the meshing and physics setup of the simulation model. AIM 17.0 provides an easy-to-use, integrated workflow that rapidly transfers geometric changes throughout the simulation, streamlining the simulation process and accelerating the evaluation of multiple design alternatives for increased confidence in the final design.
  • Integrated evaluation of design alternatives: When you are tasked with time-critical product design verifications, you must understand the complete design space, which often requires evaluating multiple options to optimize your product. AIM 17.0 gives you an easy-to-use environment for managing design parameters and for performing comparative studies of multiple design alternatives.  You can rapidly evaluate design alternatives to gain confidence in your product. Using simulation-driven product development, you can refine product designs early in the design cycle when the cost of making changes is still low.
  • Realistic material rendering: Simulation results should look like the real-life products they are meant to emulate. AIM 17.0 renders materials so they look like their real-world counterparts, which enhances your understanding and helps you to better visualize product performance. Better visualization also leads to higher fidelity images for sharing designs, and inspires confidence in simulation results.