ANSYS R19.2: Next-Generation Pervasive Engineering

ANSYS 19.2 further enhances the functionality and effectiveness of the full ANSYS software suite. Highlights below feature a few available updates to Structures, 3D Design, and Electronics.

To download 19.2, access the ANSYS Customer Portal or contact us and we can help facilitate access to the software.

R19.2 Structures.PNG


R19.2 offers the most robust versions of Workbench Additive and Additive Print to date, providing faster, more accurate results. Additive Suite now includes physics-driven Lattice Optimization. For mechanical, a new analysis drop-down includes all available mechanical analysis types. Better streamlined linking and unlinking analysis systems allow for changes without having to return to the project schematic.

3D Design

In Discovery Live, R19.2 allows for exploration of a large number of design possibilities by varying multiple geometric or simulation parameters in an automated fashion. New modeling panels: Views allows creating and saving custom views which can contain camera positions and object visibilities. Layers group geometry and modeling objects into collections for fast control. R19.2 also boasts added volumetric heat generation for thermal studies, and improved default units for metric and imperial.

R19.2 3D Design.PNG

R19.2 Electronics.PNG


For HFSS, R19.2 offers improved PI simulation, consistent HFSS & PEM workflows for 3D layout, and the addition of TDK 3D Component Library. For Meshing, an improved mesh quality for canonical geometries, and feedback highlighting problem areas in 3D modeler. Additionally, R19.2 offers auto HPC speed up for domain solvers by distributing excitations with additional machines.