Ansys Discovery Learning Training Content

For the Ansys Discovery product,  the resources to learn the tool are available within the software and at various online websites. You can download our recommended learning journey with the link to the right.  Other possible training tips are shown in the videos below.  Please contact for specific questions as needed.

Training Materials for Ansys Discovery Modeling

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Shared Topology of Welded Doubler Pipe

Create conformal meshes in Ansys Mechanical using Shared Topology in Discovery.

Download file here

2D Axisymmetric Thread Modeling Part 1 - Geometry Preparation

Extract 2D profiles from 3D geometry for axisymmetric simulation in Discovery.

Download file here

2D Axisymmetric Thread Modeling Part 2 - Mechanical Setup

Read 2D models from Discovery to set up 2D axisymmetric simulations in Mechanical.

Download file here

2D Axisymmetric Thread Modeling Part 3 - Removing Singularities

Update 2D profiles in Discovery and associatively update mechanical results.

Download file here

Cleanup of Faceted Geometry

Clean up and prepare topology optimized plate/sheet components for manufacturing using Ansys Discovery.

Download file here

Simplify Complex Geometry

Simplify parts down to their primitive form in order to clean up dirty geometry and modify complex shapes.

Download file here

Extracting Beam and Shell Geometry

Create and connect 2D Beam profiles and shell midsurfaces automatically starting from 3D geometry.

Download file here

Repairing Corrupted Geometry Surfaces

Use the “stitch” and “missing faces” tools to patch together watertight surfaces from a corrupt .igs geometry.

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Ansys Discovery Modeling Training Content