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Differences in composition can significantly affect the behavior of a product. Performing accurate simulations is highly dependent on having the right material information. For the most complete library, you need Ansys Granta. With both embedded and dedicated solutions, Ansys Granta is the preeminent materials information management software. Accelerate and educate your designs with complete material information. Lean on the experts at DRD Technology to help you decide which Ansys materials solution will best serve your needs. Our team has the experience to know what level of coverage you need.

Leverage the open Ecosystem of Ansys software to design and simulate revolutionary products with superior accuracy, consistency, and traceability.

Embedded Material Data for Enhanced Simulation

Improve your simulation data accuracy with hundreds of common product materials accessible within Ansys flagship products. Ansys Grantas MDS enables faster simulation by saving engineers time on formatting and searching for material data. Get expanded material coverage with a cost-effective solution that requires no additional training.

Intelligent Material Analysis and Selection

Make smarter material selection decisions using Ansys Granta Selector. This dedicated software provides a comprehensive library of material data and powerful analysis tools to aid you in reducing the weight and material cost of your product. Address common production challenges such as supply chain disruption and product recalls with extensive, current material property data.

Specialized Material Data Modules for Common Compositions

Avoid uncertain data accuracy and expand your Grantas Selector library with advanced material property data for highly specialized industries, purposes, and characteristics. Other collections include composites, eco, electromagnetics, ESDI, high-temperature alloys, and medical materials.


Get property data for over 105,000 plastic and elastomer materials for simulating a variety of products or simply comparing a large array of polymer physical and chemical properties to determine replaceability.


Access composition and key mechanical properties for over 100,000 metal standards from global standards organizations and suppliers.


Add statistically-derived design data for over 2,600 aerospace alloys with form, thickness, and temperature dependence data—plus a complete fastener database.

Additive Manufacturing

Obtain comprehensive information for over 1,700 industrial additive manufacturing machines and over 3,800 compatible materials.

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Ansys + Rolls-Royce

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