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Whether you need help getting started with the Ansys simulation platform or you’re venturing into uncharted physics territory to experiment with product changes, DRD Technology experts are here to help. Our team has in-depth experience in every area of physics and has worked across a wide range of applications and industries, making us well prepared to help you develop an initial simulation solution specific to your exact needs. Plus, we have a deep and genuine desire to help you improve your business using engineering simulation, because your success is our success.

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Technology Transfer

When investing in tools designed to accelerate innovation, it’s a fine balance to truly learn what the tool is capable of and getting through the initial learning curve to see return on investment (ROI) as quickly as possible. Our goal is to help you find this balance fast by working through a model of your exact simulation and application needs that we teach your engineers how to use. We then turn over the model to your team to re-use or reference in building additional models. By taking advantage of this technology transfer service, your design team will go from a blank screen to a full working model in minimal time – quickly maximizing your investment in the Ansys platform.

One-Off Simulation Support

For some companies, the need to use simulation tools is fairly infrequent, which means it may not make sense to invest in simulation software. For these instances, DRD Technology and our network of partners are here to help you work through your simulation needs.

Ongoing and Overflow Work Support

Sometimes, you just need more engineering support. Rather than go through the time and expense of onboarding new team members, or if your design and test work tends to ebb and flow, our experts are here to help support your simulation needs so you can keep your design and test plans moving forward.

Design. Simulate. Succeed.

DRD Technology – Your Partner for Success with the Ansys Platform

As an Ansys Elite Channel Partner since 1984, when our experts are on your side, your design engineers can quickly work through even the toughest physics problems to optimize product design and test and ultimately get to market faster with a superior product.

Since your success with Ansys tools is at the core of our business, we ensure all our engineers have a unique combination of extensive Ansys simulation software knowledge and multi-discipline physics expertise. This translates to our ability to both knowledgably guide you through the product selection process and provide custom-tailored support and consulting services that will help you quickly achieve Ansys simulation tool proficiency.

In short, we’ve made it our mission to provide the resources you need to design, simulate, and succeed using the Ansys simulation software suite.

Consulting Project Examples

CFD Simulation of Heat Exchanger

DRD has conducted numerous CFD simulations on heat exchangers to predict heat transfer rates and optimum fin orientation. In addition, DRD is an expert in the area of combustion modeling having performed work with our burner and incinerator clients.

Weld Fatigue Analysis of an Acoustic Noise Maker

An undersea acoustic noise maker was experiencing shorter than expected weld life. DRD calculated the life of an original weld design under cyclic loading and proposed geometry modifcations for improvements.

RFID Antenna Placement

DRD helped an agricultural equipment manufacturer determine the proper antenna placement and orientation on their equipment to reliably read RFID tags on their hay bales.

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