DRD Technology offers a flexible array of engineering consulting services to help our customers effectively use technology from ANSYS, Inc. to solve engineering problems. We are committed to cost effective use of ANSYS Mechanical, Fluent, CFX, Maxwell, HFSS, or AUTODYN whether we take total responsibility for solving a problem or whether we help our customers develop expertise to solve their problems on their own.

DRD has experience in solving the multiphysics simulations of today. The coupling of these physics is critical in obtaining accurate answers in many applications. DRD can make this happen for you with the ANSYS software suite of products. 

DRD has also developed extensive expertise in meeting and exceeding Network Equipment-Building System (NEBS) requirements put forth by Telcordia Technologies document GR-63-CORE.

Representative Consulting Projects

Flexible Range of Services

Traditional Computer Simulation

We can help you formulate a simulation solution approach, solve the problem, and then provide the solution to you. Computer simulation has traditionally been used as a verification or trouble shooting tool. When we work with our customers in this manner we construct the ANSYS simulation model, run the analysis, verify the results through hand calculations and other means, and finally present the results to our customer in a report. If the customer is satisfied with the results, then we are done. If the results indicate problems with the design or areas for improvement, then we can make changes to the model and repeat the process.

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Analysis Based Design

You can describe to us the objectives and criteria for a new product design. We will start from scratch or take an existing design and use our tools and expertise to deliver to you a new and improved design.

Utilization of simulation software in this mode usually provides the best return on investment. This is because we have the opportunity to detect problems and optimize the design before making expensive prototypes or committing to design concepts that are difficult to undo.

Technology Transfer

It can be a large investment for a company to develop in house simulation expertise. DRD can help companies reduce the cost of this investment by accelerating the learning process. 

DRD can help determine whether or not simulation software has the potential to provide cost effective solutions to our client's problems. We can then solve one of these problems and help our customers learn to solve this problem themselves. We can combine standard ANSYS course offerings with custom problem-specific training and one on one mentoring. 

In some cases DRD develops a model, provides the model to our client as a template, and then shows the client how to make changes to the model. This combination of consulting and training allows the customer to leverage DRD's expertise while enabling the customer to utilize simulation driven product design easily.

Example of Analysis based design

Example of Analysis based design