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 With a unique combination of extensive Ansys simulation software knowledge and multi-discipline physics expertise, DRD Technology engineers quickly guide clients from software purchase to successful simulation. We help customers across a wide variety of industries and applications transform product design using computer simulation through ongoing personalized training, ultra-responsive support, and consulting services focused on transferring our knowledge to your engineering team.

From sophisticated structural analysis to complex computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations to intricate electromagnetics, we have an Ansys tool available to meet your exact needs.

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Design. Simulate. Succeed.

Accelerate Product Development with Our Expertise

At DRD Technology, we live by our mission – accelerate product development for engineering teams facing complex physics challenges by implementing computer simulation techniques using the Ansys platform. We do this by employing the best possible team of engineers, who all hold advanced degrees and have an average tenure of more than 13 years. As an Ansys Elite Channel Partner since 1984, when our experts are on your side, your design engineers can quickly work through even the toughest physics problems to optimize product design and test and ultimately get to market faster with a superior product.

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Comprehensive Training and Support

Your Partner for Long-Term Simulation Success

We know sophisticated software is only as powerful as your ability to utilize it effectively, which is why your success with Ansys tools is at the core of our business. From introductory training tailored to the Ansys tool novice to courses focused on using advanced tool features, we are ready to support you no matter how much, or how little, Ansys simulation experience you have. With our wide variety of frequent in-person, online, and on-demand training courses, plus a team of highly qualified support engineers that are just a phone call or email away, we will help you achieve the level of Ansys tool proficiency required as quickly as possible. This will translate to reduced design and test time and costs while you ultimately get to market faster with a superior product.

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Six Considerations for Selecting Engineering Simulation Software

Engineering simulation software is a powerful tool to reduce design and test costs. Download our latest white paper to learn how to choose a simulation solution that’s right for your needs.

Our Customers

Conquer Your Design Constraints

Why Should I Use Engineering Simulation Tools?

If your engineering design team is facing difficult physics challenges that are limiting progress, or they are struggling with the constraints of slow-paced physical prototyping, it may be time to consider a better design approach. By bringing engineering simulation software into your design process and implementing virtual prototyping techniques, you can rapidly model complex physics and quickly iterate on and optimize product designs. 

However, as you consider your options, it’s important to remember that not all engineering simulation tools are created equal. Some CAD-embedded products may be too simplistic to address your needs while other platforms are so complex, it can be overwhelming to try to do anything at all. Instead, the Ansys simulation software suite provides the perfect blend of ease-of-use and sophistication for you to conquer all your physics challenges and push the boundaries of your design and test processes.

“I think the technical support that I have been receiving from your guys has been great.  As you may remember, I was very skeptical when Ansys passed my account to DRD last year.  But it has been a great experience.  The support is quick and the people seem very knowledgeable.  Today Alex Austin helped me with a problem and he did it so quick which makes all the difference to me.  I have been using Ansys for more than 20 years and their technical support was never like it has been with your team.”

Marc Minassian

Owner, Seahorse Energy (Houston, TX)

“For more than five years, I have worked closely with DRD Technology to execute tactical and strategic initiatives here at EaglePicher due to our unprecedented growth. The team always tailors its approach to support both enterprise and specialized tasks in an efficient and professional manner. We've been very happy with DRD and will continue to work with them as our business partner for using Ansys tools effectively and efficiently.”

Douglas Austin

Director of Energy Storage Systems Development, EaglePicher Technologies (Joplin, MO)

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