This course provides an introduction to conducting CFD simulations in ANSYS FLUENT.

The course devotes very little time to CFD theory and focuses on the use of the software through workshops to solve practical problems. Analysis types included in the course are generally turbulent with various functionality highlighted for each one - multiphase flow, transfer and fluid-structure interaction with ANSYS FEA, or moving boundaries, for example. 

Early workshops create geometry from scratch or import neutral CAD geometry as starting points. The student can use either DesignModeler or SpaceClaim to create their fluid volumes for the workshops as detailed instructions for both options are available to the student. Latter workshops start from a completed mesh file.

DRD encourages the students to bring a SAT or Parasolid file with them to the training (preferably a model from their workplace) for a little testing and discussion of their own problems to solve. DRD will also demonstrate the integration between CAD systems and FLUENT in the ANSYS Workbench environment.

DRD conducts this course over two days. Much of the course material comes from the ANSYS, Inc. Introduction to Fluent course with some custom workshops that highlight modeling and meshing techniques for CFD. Students will receive all of these materials and can work through and reference the additional material on their own time.

Course Agenda

Overview of Workbench, DesignModeler/SpaceClaim, and Domain Extraction
Meshing a Fluid Domain for CFD Solutions
Overview of Single Phase CFD Analysis
Discrete Phase Model
Species and Postprocessing
Natural Convection
Dynamic Meshes
Multiphase Flow
Transient Flow