DRD Technology offers the ANSYS best-in-class unique simulation workflow for additive manufacturing (AM). With the fast adoption of 3D metal printing, AM is no longer simply a rapid prototyping method of plastic parts. Production components are routinely 3D printed and ANSYS can simulate the process by which they are printed and the resulting component strength. 

Additive manufacturing (3D printing) is a technology that produces three-dimensional parts layer by layer from a variety of materials.  Metal AM offers a number of benefits over traditional manufacturing, including:

  • Creating parts and structures that are impossible to manufacture with traditional methods, e.g., parts with intricate internal structures or complex organic shapes. A single AM-generated part can replace an entire multi-part assembly. Also, parts may be designed and produced for better performance and with more efficient use of materials.
  • Manufacturing replacement metal parts on-demand, without the need for an entire factory and multiple machines.
  • Producing of novel materials with unique properties.
  • Replacing worn out or broken parts that are no longer manufactured. Deposition processes enable new functionality to be built on top of existing parts, opening up new opportunities for the remanufacturing of components.

The ANSYS AM software tools will help you:

  • Simulate the printing process
  • Gain a better understanding of your printed materials
  • Conduct design validation
  • Design for additive manufacturing with topology optimization

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