The defense industry pioneered the use of engineering simulation software to increase the efficiency of its
systems. The cost and difficulty of real-life testing motivates engineers to use simulation in order to research,
design and optimize new systems before they are prototyped or field-tested. Engineering simulation provides
design insight, enabling more efficient and successful testing. Many defense companies rely on software
from ANSYS to accurately simulate efficiency, survivability and other mission-critical project dimensions. Integrated and coupled comprehensive multiphysics capabilities from ANSYS account for the interactions of different physical phenomena in the industry's highly interdependent systems. Engineered scalability enables individual users, departments or entire business units with a variety of analysis requirements to perform serial or parallel computations on individual laptops, compute-clusters or other enterprise-wide computing resources.

As a leading provider of ANSYS Simulation Driven Product Development™ software, DRD Technology helps defense companies meet these requirements. ANSYS® analyzes designs in a virtual environment, enabling engineers to quickly evaluate performance in fields ranging from terminal ballistics, radar cross-section, and survivability to IR signature, missile aerodynamics or reactive armor.

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