ANSYS Startup program brochure

ANSYS Startup program brochure

DRD Technology offers a special opportunity for entrepreneurs. Starting a business is very difficult and hard choices need to be made with limited funds.  We want to make it easy to access all of the various capabilities available across the ANSYS Software Suite.  Whether you are on your own or part of an incubator, we want to partner with you in the early stages of your business. 

The ANSYS Startup Program has a few restrictions on the type of business that can qualify for this special offering. 

The ANSYS Startup Program is a great option for those that qualify:

  • You are a privately held company
  • You are not a consulting or services company, or a company that provides consulting services as part of your business model
  • Your startup is less than 5 years old
  • You have less than US $1 million in revenue per year

If you qualify for this program, please contact us to discuss your benefits and options to add ANSYS to your engineering toolset.