DRD Workshop 1a - Orientation of Workbench Interface and Sketching

In this workshop we introduce the ANSYS Workbench environment and sketching in SpaceClaim. A small model is created from scratch so the users gain some experience with the user interface.



DRD Workshop 1b - Extraction of Fluid Domain

In this workshop we introduce the use of SpaceClaim and the methods of creating a fluid domain from previously provided structural geometry.

DRD Workshops 2a.  Meshing a Fluid Domain

This workshop demonstrates the various meshing controls available in ANSYS Meshing and the associativity between SpaceClaim and the meshing module using a parametric domain.

DRD Workshops0001.png

DRD Workshop 2b - Creating and Combining Multiple Domain Meshes

This workshop creates both a swept hexagonal mesh with boundary layer and a nonuniform tetrahedral mesh and combines them into a single domain for solving.


DRD Workshop 2c - Multizone Meshing

This workshop uses the multizone mesher to produe a hex dominant mesh and hexacore mesh with and without inflation layers.

ANSYS Fluent Workshop 1 - Flow Distribution in an Air Manifold

This workshop demonstrates how to conduct a simple flow analysis in Fluent. Relative flow rates between the outlets are also examined.



ANSYS Fluent Workshop 2 - Mixing Hot and Cold Streams in an Elbow

This workshop covers the creation of a model in which two water streams at different temperatures are mixed together. The standard deviation of the temperature at the outlet is calculated.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 3 - Postprocessing ANSYS CFD Results

Warm air is simulated flowing over a cold tube bundle.  Various post processing objects, including contours, streamlines, and reports, are explored in both Fluent and CFD-Post.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 4 - Solver Options and Settings

The mixing elbow model is reexamined using various solver settings to see how they affect convergence behavior and result quantities.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 5 – Parametric Study of an Air-Conditioning System

Flow through an air-conditioning duct containing a number of valves is simulated.  The position of the valves is modified using user-defined parameters, and several design points are simulated for different combinations of valve positions.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 6 – Turbulent Flow Past a Backward Facing Step

The effect of turbulence model on a recirculation region is studied on a backward facing step.  The effect of including an accurate inlet velocity profile is also explored.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 7 – Electronics Cooling with Natural Convection and Radiation

This workshop covers the conjugate heat transfer analysis of a heated chip and heatsink undergoing natural convection.  Surface-to-surface radiation is then added to the model, and the results between these two models is compared.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 8 – Transonic Flow Over a NACA 0012 Airfoil

This workshop simulates flow over a two-dimensional wing profile, exploring the various types of error (round-off, mesh-sensitivity, etc.) that can be present in computational fluid dynamics models.


ANSYS Fluent Workshop 9 – Vortex Shedding

This workshop examines the transient phenomenon of vortex shedding over a 2D cross-section of a cylinder in cross-flow.  The standard time advancement scheme is compared to the non-iterative time advancement (NITA) scheme.