The objective of this course is for attendees to develop significant expertise in the use of ANSYS Mechanical for dynamic analysis over a wide range of applications. The course emphasizes linear dynamic analysis, although it has one chapter and one workshop on nonlinear transient dynamic analysis. DRD collaborated with one of its customers, a large defense electronics firm, to develop this course.

The course de-emphasizes theory of dynamics and emphasizes good ANSYS modeling practices and verification of correct answers. DRD recommends using closed form equations based on solutions to single degree of freedom models to verify solutions to complex multiple degree of freedom models. In the course students use hand calculations to check solutions to normal models, random vibration, response spectrum, and half sine shock models.

The course includes 13 workshops in which the students use techniques covered in the course to solve real-world problems. All of the workshops are based on actual problems that DRD has solved for customers on a consulting or technical support basis. Four of the workshops have minimal instruction so that students can begin testing their skills under the supervision of an instructor during the course.

Prerequisites for this course are DRD’s Introduction to Mechanical and DesignModeler courses in addition to practice gaining proficiency with Workbench Simulation. DRD recommends that students who do not have these prerequisites delay attending the course until they attain them. This is a challenging course for proficient users.

Course Agenda


Chapter 1 Normal Modes (Natural Frequency) Analysis
      Workshop 1a Normal Modes Analysis of an Alternator Bracket
      Workshop 1b Normal Modes Analysis of a PWB Assembly

Chapter 2 Random Vibration Analysis
      Workshop 2 Random Vibration Analysis of a PWB Assembly

Chapter 3 Response Spectrum Analysis 
      Workshop 3a Response Spectrum Analysis of a Telecommunication Rack
                             Subjected to Zone 4 Seismic Load (Telcordia Specifications)
      Workshop 3b Response Spectrum Analysis of a PWB Assembly

Chapter 4 Full Transient Dynamic Analysis
      Workshop 4 Full Transient Dynamic Analysis of a Black Box Electronics
                             Assembly Subjected to a Half Sine Shock

Chapter 5 Mode Superposition Transient Analysis
      Workshop 5a  Mode Superposition Transient Analysis of a Black Box Electronics
                             Assembly Subjected to a Half Sine Shock  
      Workshop 5b Seismic Mode Superposition Transient and Response Spectrum
                             Analysis of a Telecommunications Rack

Chapter 6 Dynamic Shock Analysis using Dynamic Load Factor
      Workshop 6 Analysis of a Block Box Electronics Assembly Subjected to Half
                            Sine Shock Using Dynamic Load Factor

Chapter 7 Nonlinear Transient Analysis
      Workshop 7a Nonlinear Transient Dynamic Analysis to Simulation PWB Bench Test
      Workshop 7b Drop Test Simulation of a Radio Housing Assembly

Chapter 8 Harmonic Analysis
      Workshop 8a Harmonic Response Analysis of an Engine Alternator Bracket
      Workshop 8b Harmonic Analysis of a Flight Simulator Tilt Base Structure