Ansys Composite Cure Simulation

One-day course

This 1-day course is designed for engineers who are analyzing the curing process of layered composites. The training will cover the correct and efficient use of this technology for the purpose of simulating the composite curing process to determine degree of cure and process-induced distortions and stresses. Attendees will also learn how to compensate for these distortions in the tool surface so that the final composite structure meets the desired specifications.

Prerequisites for this course are DRD’s Introduction to Ansys Mechanical course and DRD’s Ansys Composite PrepPost course or equivalent practical experience using Ansys Mechanical and ACP. This is a challenging course for proficient users. Please do not register for this course if you do not have the prerequisites. Please contact DRD if you have questions or would like to discuss this with us at

Workshop 1 - C-Shape Profile Full Cure Simulation

In this workshop attendees will learn how to use ACCS to model the curing of a C-shape composite profile made from carbon fiber prepreg. Completing a thermal simulation of the process yields results such as material state, degree of cure, glass transition temperature, and heat of reaction. From there, a structural analysis of the curing process allows for the prediction of process induced distortions and stresses.

Workshop 2 - C-Shape Profile Fast Cure Simulation

This workshop is nearly identical to the previous workshop with the difference being that the fast solution method is used instead of the full method. This method assumes a uniform temperature distribution and applies to relatively thin (less than 5 mm) composite structures.

Workshop 3 - Tool Compensation

In this workshop users will build on what they learned in the previous workshops to not only predict the composite curing process induced distortions but also compensate for them in the tooling geometry to produce a composite structure that meets the original design specifications. Attendees will also learn how to simulate post-cure trimming operations.

Course Enrollment and Schedule

Ansys Composite Cure Simulation