HFSS SBR+ Antenna Placement Design

one-day course

This course provides workshops demonstrating the Shooting Bouncing Ray (SBR+) solver and antenna placement, using the ANSYS HFSS environment of the ANSYS Electronics Desktop (AEDT) Suite. This tool is included in the ANSYS HFSS Premium and ANSYS Electronics Enterprise licenses.

The course focuses on utilizing the SBR+ solution design type and performing antenna placement analysis. Within this course, one will analyze the electrical behavior of an antenna near a large 3D component (such as the body of a car) and understand how SBR+ utilizes less computational resources for more efficient simulations. In addition, predicting the coupling between two or more antennas while employing the SBR+ solver and large 3D components is demonstrated.

Most workshops begin with projects where CAD geometry has already been prepared or is drawn in the tool as part of the exercise. DRD encourages students to bring ACIS files with them to the training (preferably from their workplace) if they desire to test their own antenna geometry.

Module 1: Introduction & 3D Component
Workshop 1.1 — PIFA Antenna 3D Component 05072021_HFSS SBR_1_1.png
This workshop demonstrates how HFSS can be used to design and analyze an 800 MHz PIFA (planar inverted-F antenna) element, including the chassis that makes up this entire antenna module.

Module 2: Antenna Placement
Workshop 2.1 — SBR+ Platform Integration 05072021_HFSS SBR_2_1.png

This workshop uses HFSS and SBR+ (Shooting Bouncing Ray) to analyze and predict the performance of an antenna integrated on to an electrically large platform, a car body.

Workshop 2.2 — Side Mirror Near Field Link 05072021_HFSS SBR_2_2.png

This workshop uses HFSS and SBR+ solution type design to analyze and predict the performance of an antenna linked to a car body.

Module 3: Antenna Coupling
Workshop 3.1 — Far Field Antenna to Antenna Coupling
05072021_HFSS SBR_3_1.png

This workshop demonstrates how an SBR+ design type can be used in HFSS to simulate the coupling between two different antennas.

Module 4: Car Garage Visual Ray Tracing (VRT)
Workshop 4.1 — Vehicle to Home Communication with SBR+
05072021_HFSS SBR_4_1.png

This workshop analyzes coupling between a vehicle mounted antenna and a home Wi-Fi antenna.

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HFSS SBR+ Antenna Placement Design