Using Simulation to Optimize Muffler Acoustical Performance for Transport Industry Vehicles

Case Study

“Through the use of Ansys CFD we can refine and validate muffler designs early in the engineering process. I can evaluate my muffler designs in less than half the time it takes for physical tests.”

                                                          – Shishuo Sun, NVH Development Engineer of Nelson Global


Nelson Global, a company renowned for its worldwide engineering, manufacturing, and distribution of clean and efficient subsystems for vital industries, seeks to revolutionize the refrigerated transport sector. Facing challenges in muffler design and performance optimization for their products in transport vehicles, Nelson Global turned to Ansys simulation software to streamline their product development process. This case study explores how Ansys simulation empowered Nelson Global to overcome muffler-related challenges, leading to enhanced efficiency, reduced emissions, and greater customer satisfaction in the refrigerated transport industry. 


One of Nelson Global’s key product lines includes mufflers for transport vehicles, which plays a pivotal role in maintaining temperature control, reducing emissions, and ensuring the integrity of transported goods. In designing and developing new mufflers for their customers, new performance requirements need to be obtained and transmission loss analysis is needed to predict the sound behavior of the designs.


Simulation Solution 

Nelson Global leveraged Ansys simulation software to address these challenges. Ansys offered comprehensive simulation capabilities, enabling the company to analyze and optimize muffler designs with precision. Without the use of Ansys, engineers would have to perform manual hand calculations, with significant assumptions, and conduct time consuming, iterative physical tests. Nelson Global was able to numerically determine before testing that their new designs would have a higher transmission loss value and to deliver a working product to their end customer in a timelier fashion. This case study highlights how simulation-driven engineering can drive innovation and improve overall customer satisfaction in crucial industries.

Customer Name

Technology Used

Ansys CFD

Company Description

Born as Nelson Muffler in 1939 and now a worldwide manufacturer, Nelson Global has established itself as one of the United States’ leading providers of mufflers and exhaust components.