Speed AND Accuracy: First-Of-Its-Kind Broad-Spectrum CFD Solver Built Natively on GPUs

white paper

Now, we introduce to you a new broad-spectrum native GPU solver created by developers at Ansys. They’ve brought the same numerics that have made Ansys Fluent a trusted and market-leading CFD package across industries and employed ground-breaking parallelization techniques on GPUs to provide results at lightning speed. This is a new beginning, but stands on the shoulders of decades of CFD experience and expertise. The current document is intended to report accuracy of the Ansys native-GPU solver for computational fluid dynamics (CFD). We report results for canonical problems in the literature typically used to validate/verify CFD codes. We want to bring you along on this journey that Ansys is taking to build the fastest broad-spectrum CFD code while still preserving accuracy. We will begin with details on a laminar flow case followed by several turbulent flow cases. For turbulent flows, we will show the performance of Reynolds-averaged Navier-Stokes (RANS) models, as well as scale-resolving stress-blended eddy simulation (SBES) and wall-adapting local eddy (WALE) turbulence models that have been implemented. Comparisons with experimental data when available are
also presented.

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