Webinar: Ansys Twin Builder 1-D System Modeling with Ansys Fluent Co-Simulation Webinar (May 11, 2021)

on-demand webinar

In this webinar conducted on May 11, 2021, we demonstrated how an Ansys Fluent model can be included in a larger system simulated by Ansys Twin Builder, using the concept of “cosimulation”. This feature allows for the detailed physics of a CFD simulation to be resolved within a system-level simulation. Fluent solves each timestep alongside the Twin Builder system, allowing for the Fluent model to react dynamically to the changing state modeled around it in Twin Builder.

To accomplish this, we showed the setup required in Fluent to prepare the CFD model to be cosimulated, the workflow for adding the Fluent model as a component within the Twin Builder system, and then an example of progressively building a more complex system around the Fluent component until the desired system dynamics are present.

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