Quotation Terms & Definitions

Ansys Web License Agreement

For Software Renewal Orders:

TECS – Technical Enhancements and Customer Support (paid annually).

To assist us in providing uninterrupted service it is important that payment be received prior to the renewal date shown above. TECS reinstatement policy: To reinstate a paid-up license when TECS have lapsed, the licensee must pay (1) back TECS for the period lapsed since the date of expiration to re-instatement date, (2) plus forward TECS for 1 year, (3) plus a TECS Reinstatement Fee = 35% of Back TECS payable. The TECS price is the rate in effect at the time of re-instatement. If TECS lapsed more than 2 years then a product repurchase is required.

For Ansys Elastic Currency (AEC) Orders:

All AEC not consumed within 12 months of placing the order will expire and cannot be used.


For Orders that contain Wide Area Network (WAN) Licenses:

License use is allowed in the specified regions on the quote. For the definition of each geographic region, see this page.