I think the technical support that I have been receiving from your guys has been great.  As you may remember, I was very skeptical when ANSYS passed my account to DRD last year.  But it has been a great experience.  The support is quick and the people seem very knowledgeable.  Today Alex Austin helped me with a problem and he did it so quick which makes all the difference to me.  I have been using ANSYS for more than 20 years and their technical support was never like it has been with your team.
— Marc Minassian, Seahorse Energy (Houston, TX)
DRD consistently provides us excellent support. Whether it be assistance with a specific function of the software or addressing an issue with a model, DRD always follows up promptly and makes a genuine effort to either solve the issue or provide us a working solution.
— Stephen Seymour, Seymour Engineering & Consulting Group (Oklahoma City, OK)
When our analysis needs outgrew the capabilities provided in Mechanica, we undertook a rather lengthy and extensive evaluation of finite element analysis tools. When the dust settled, based on performance, ease-of-use, capability match with our needs, and price, we chose ANSYS and DRD. We’ve not second-guessed that decision. The tool capabilities grow with each release and we continually find additional engineering problems that it can help us model and solve. Perhaps the best aspect of the decision was the outstanding support that we get from DRD as they partner with us to make the tool work most efficiently and accurately for us.
— Dick Rawlings, DRS Sensors and Targeting Systems (Dallas, TX)
Once again, my experience at DRD was outstanding! Thanks, so much for offering ANSYS training at no charge to academicians like me!
— Dr. Daniel Stutts, Missouri University of Science & Technology (Rolla, MO)
I saw where DRD was 35 years old, and I’ve been working with you for 29 of those years. I can say that working with your team has been one of the more enjoyable parts of my career. You have always been ready to help in any way.
— RIck Kunc, Solvay Specialty Polymers (Atlanta, GA)
Thanks a lot for all your help! I’ve used ANSYS, Solidworks and Abaqus in the past few years. Your company’s tech support is absolutely the best I’ve ever had. I am really glad that Mueller bought ANSYS from DRD.
— Joann Du, Paul Mueller Company (Springfield, MO)
I signed up for the Intro to ANSYS 1 class with DRD. When I returned and started sharing how much I learned with my colleagues it quickly became obvious how much of an advantage DRD’s custom training courses were. They were a much more effective than the typical cookie-cutter ANSYS courses. DRD showed me why I was doing things not just how to do them. That is why our entire analysis group decided to use DRD when we needed Workbench training. We couldn’t be happier.
— Séamus Burns / Hamilton Sundstrand Power Systems - UTC (San Diego, CA)
Thank you for the exceptional training sessions. I have shared the very positive training experience with my Analysis colleagues. In addition to the core training material some subtle, yet powerful points were made which are especially useful for nonlinear analysis.
— Mike Mihelich / Mercury Marine (Fond du Lac, WI)
I enjoyed the [Workbench and DesignModeler] class very much. Thank you so much for lunch each day. When I got back they had a problem waiting for me. A plastic part we bond to a metal part had failed and I used Design Modeler to make a model, did a modal analysis in Workbench and imported the model into classic ANSYS to run a pyrotechnic shock on it. What was interesting was that I was able to use most everything you taught us in the training course. That tells me a lot about the quality and completeness of the course content. Again thank you very much.
— Doug Ryan / Senior Project Engineer - Rockwell Collins (Cedar Rapids, IA)
I would like to thank you for the ANSYS Workbench/Design Modeler training. It was extremely informative, very useful and the training booklets contained perfect examples and information. Hopefully we will have the opportunity to take another training session from you. Thanks again.
— Jonathan D. Kriek / Mechanical Designer - Triple/S Dynamics (Dallas, TX)
We are over 95% on our efficiency so the tests are a success, as is the software. This really validates it.
— Mike Tripodi, PhD / Engineering Manager - CleanAIR Systems (Santa Fe, NM)
DRD has provided Bobcat Company with invaluable sales and technical support for many years. Their training has the right mix of theoretical background, technical depth, and practical application. Their response time for ANSYS support and technical questions is always prompt and helpful. Thanks to the entire DRD Technology staff.
— Patrick Stahl / Senior Test Engineer - Bobcat Company (Gwinner, ND)
special thanks to the knowledgeable and adept DRD staff for their unparalleled service and support. The staff at DRD is extremely knowledgeable and very motivated. I always know that when I have a technical question, need a quotation, or am having consulting services performed, the response will be accurate and quick. DRD has provided unquestionable service and support throughout several years and has always been very responsive to my needs.
— C. Eric Lord / Senior Mechanical Engineer - Quallion (Sylmar, CA)