DRD Technology provides the entire ANSYS Mechanical product family, which with all current Mechanical licenses includes topology optimization tools that are fast and easy to use.

The optimal shape of a part is often organic and counter intuitive; ANSYS topology optimization technology lets you specify where supports and loads are located on a volume of material and allows the software to find the best shape.

Topology optimization ensures cost savings through designs that use the minimum amount of material necessary to meet required mechanical standards while increasing product lifetime.

Topology Optimization in ANSYS Mechanical allows you to:

  • Take into account multiple static loads combined with optimizing for natural frequencies (modal analysis)

  • Satisfy requirements for minimum material thickness

  • Observe rules around feature direction (for machining operations for example)

  • Have scope for both cyclic and planar symmetry

  • Easily validate results

ANSYS in Action: Topology Optimization — Video

With ANSYS Topology Optimization Technology you can now easily perform lightweighting of structures, extract CAD shapes and quickly verify the optimized design. You can also simulate spatially dependent materials like composite parts, 3D printed components, and bones and tissues for more accurate results.