Ansys, Inc. has taken the natural language processing engine to their products to create humanlike conversational dialog. This Ansys specific chatbot responds to questions and composes unique answers to various user inquires.  AnsysGPT is available in your native language and understands the underlying physics of the problems being queried so it can point you in the right direction.

What is AnsysGPT?

AnsysGPT is one of several products available in the Ansys AI family of software. It is a browser-based AI virtual assistant for all Ansys applications.  It is quite handy as it allows you to quickly seek answers and obtain links to source material with a simple query. AnsysGPT responds to you in a conversational tone with a solution to your question, often step-by-step, and reference material easily accessible that AnsysGPT used to derive its answer.



What Does AnsysGPT Cost and How Can I Access It?

AnsysGPT will be available and no cost to all Ansys customers with active commercial software subscriptions on July 1, 2024.   You will receive an email with instructions on how to activate AnsysGPT once your access has become available. For future software releases, AnsysGPT will have links embedded in the programs to quickly access the tool.

 Where Does AnsysGPT Get Its Information?

AnsysGPT draws from the Ansys created, developed, or licensed data that include, but is not limited to, Ansys Courses, articles, videos, webinars, product documentation, and other Ansys content.  AnsysGPT does not store any customer questions or input or derive any information from customer feedback. Users cannot add content to AnsysGPT to use as source material and all reference material is controlled by Ansys.

How Does AnsysGPT Work?

Users submit prompts to the chatbot that are related to Ansys products and services and AnsysGPT will respond and provide supporting documentation for its answers.   AnsysGPT is not a search tool, but generates new responses based on prompts submitted by the user.

If you would like to see AnsysGPT in action or interested in more information, please view our brief demonstration webinar.