DRD Workshop 1 - Hazardous Material Enclosure Exposed to Fire Including Conduction, Convection, Radiation and Transient Thermal Analysis

In this five part workshop we prepare a hazardous material enclosure for meshing by slicing the geometry into sweepable sections and then create a high quality, mostly brick mesh. We then solve the model in three levels of complexity: first exploring heat transfer through only conduction and convection, second by adding radiation, and finally by looking at the transient temperature profile of the enclosure as it is temporarily exposed to a high temperature from a fire.


DRD Workshop 2 - Radar Dish Subjected to Solar Loading including Thermal and Thermal Stress Analysis

In this workshop we model solar radiation using a command object, as well as defeature components that are not important to a thermal analysis. The temperature results are then mapped onto a structural mesh, which includes the features removed from the thermal analysis, and a thermal-stress analysis is performed.

DRD Workshops 3.  Electronics Enclosure Assembly Modeled using Contact Resistance

This workshop demonstrates two uses of contact resistance: accounting for imperfect contact, and modeling thin bodies as a specified resistance in the thickness direction.

DRD Workshops0001.png

DRD Workshop 4 - Hazardous Material Enclosure Convecting to Interal Air using a Lumped Air Thermal Mass Model

In this workshop we re-examine the hazardous material enclosure from Workshop 1, taking into account the possibility of convection occurring inside the enclosure due to a leak. This is done by modeling the air inside the enclosure as a lumped thermal mass using a command object.


DRD Workshop 5 - Verification of Radiosity Method Using Parallel Plates

This workshop compares the results from using radiation boundary conditions with hand calculations for the case of two parallel plates of known temperature.

DRD Workshop 6 - Exhaust Pipe Radiating Heat to a Windshield including Radiation Shield

In this workshop we take a look at the effects of a radiation shield surrounding a high temperature exhaust pipe on a nearby window.

DRD Workshops0002.png

DRD Workshop 7 - Exhaust Pipe Radiation Heat to a Plastic Gas Tank

In this workshop we parameterize the fuel level in a gas tank near an exhaust pipe to determine a worst case scenario.