DRD Technology Corporation wants to make you as proficient as possible over a short learning curve. DRD offers training at our Tulsa, Houston and offices, as well as at client sites. Choose from any of our standard courses, or contact us to customize a course specific to your company needs. 

Each student has his own computer so that he spends as much time as possible running and learning ANSYS Mechanical, Fluent, CFX, HFSS, MAXWELL, and the integration between these products. 

All of our courses start at 8 AM and end at 4 PM each day. DRD has developed in-house training materials for most of the courses listed below. These custom materials were developed with input from our customer base to be relevant to their needs. These materials are available only through DRD Technology and for those that attend these classes.  

Standard Course Descriptions and Agendas



Geometry Modeling and Preparation

Custom and On-Site Courses

For your convenience, DRD Technology offers custom and on-site courses. We will arrange any of the standard courses, as listed in the schedule above, or customize one to address the particular design and analysis concerns of your business. Fees may include course development and preparation.


DRD Application Engineers are available to come to any customer's facility to work with clients on their problems. This may be an effective way for a company to develop FEA & CFD expertise and still meet project deadlines.